waste water effluent tanks

This high capacity 2,300 litre effluent storage tank is easy to maintain and transport. It is a septic tank unit designed to fit under portable cabins where mains effluent/drainage on site is not available. This tank fits perfectly underneath cabins of all descriptions.They are an excellent waste storage tank which can be sited underneath toilet blocks, kitchens, canteens and welfare units.Tanks are space-saving and can ideally be stored on end at the end of the project until they are needed next time. 

Features include:

  • 2x 12″ Inspection Lids (waste removal point)
  • Convenient lifting eyes
  • Easily linkable to allow creation of larger capacity tanks
  • Internal bracing

Optional Extras available:

  • 5″ Inspection Lid (waste entry point) – max. 2
  • 2x Rubber grommet inserts (for connection/interlinking multiple tanks). Interlink points – these are not drilled at the time of manufacture. A 138mm hole saw is required.
  • Lifting Handles – max. 4
  • Watchman Sonic – remote contents readings gauge (supply only). Note: a 33mm hole saw is required.
  • Battery high level alarm




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