waste water effluent tanks 160 mini

The waste (effluent) tank 160 mini is a robust and lightweight 160-gallon (725 litre) version of our standard plastic waste tank for use in situations where its diminutive size, low height and low weight will prove an advantage. This truly lightweight (45 KGs) tank is readily delivered and positioned by one person and is ideal where space is at a premium and/or waste volumes are low. 

You can ask us to position the 5" inlet and outlet holes exactly where you'd like them on the top surface. With its 2" connecting ports you can also specify a linking kit (tank connectors, elbows and hose) so that you can extend the waste volume capacity.

Typical applications include single toilet units; showers; camping/boating waste tipping points; catering oil waste collection and municipal refuse site liquid collection.

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Features include:

  • 45 KGs. Lightweight and easy to handle and position before use.

  • Easily stacked for transport and storage

  • Individual, non-removable individual serial number and instructions for use

  • Easily carried by two people

  • Quickly add sealed 5" inlet ports where required to match your application

  • 2 x 2" brass inserts 'moulded in' to allow linking options

  • OPTION: high level monitoring alarm to advise you when the tank is nearly full

  • OPTION: odour trap and breather / air admittance valve to counter tank odours

Multiple applications:

Portable Sanitation Industry

  • Extra water capacity for:
    > topping up site welfare units
    > topping up non-potable water tanks
    > filling toilet sinks
    > carrying out a more intensive clean on site

  • Waste capture for construction and events

  • Call us on 0330 122 9002 for water pump and pressure washer options

Window and wheelie bin-cleaning industries

  • Mount the Mini Tuff Tank on your truck, connect to a suitable pump and your cleaning equipment

Rainwater harvesting

  • Fits flat against a wall next to your downpipe

  • Diverter valve fittings available to connect to square or circular pipes

  • Taps or pumps available as optional extras

And much more...

  • Campsite toilet waste tipping point

  • Pleasure boat toilet waste tipping point

  • Catering industry waste oil collection

  • Municipal refuse site waste oil collection




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