Waste (effluent) tank 500

The waste (effluent tank 500 is the market-leading, plastic, 500 gallon waste holding tank designed to meet the needs of the portable sanitation industry - and much more. Its flat "slide under" design allows it to be positioned alongside or underneath site accommodation, glamping huts and event industry equipment such as toilets, showers and catering units.

Whether on construction or glamping sites, at public events or campsite/ pleasure boat toilet waste tipping points (or indeed, anywhere where there is insufficient or no mains sewer connection), with its simple linking kit options and range of technical advantages, the Tuff Tank is the clear product of choice to capture effluent, liquid waste and sewage.

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  • Large 12" waste access hatches (one either end) make for easier waste emptying and allow easy cleansing and sanitising after use

  • 5" waste inlet ports allow easy connection to standard 4” waste outlets from toilets / showers / canteens etc.

  • All access points are supplied with screw on lids

  • Screw on lids mean there's no chance any residual waste will spill during transport - (metal tanks often come without inlet covers)

  • Built in lifting handles and sling points

  • Non-removable, high contrast guidance instructions, date of manufacture and individual serial number

  • Easier to fully empty than metal tanks - empty tank as far as possible, lift and prop up one end so that residual waste flows to the far end.

  • Upper surfaces are ribbed for strength and sloped so that rainwater will not collect

  • Increase volume by connecting several tanks together using our simple Linking Kits

  • Linkable in two directions (side by side in 'portrait' mode; nose to tail in 'landscape' mode)

  • Stackable (for transport and storage, when empty), rust-free and hygienic - flexibility is guaranteed

  • Not designed to be moved, lifted or stacked with liquid content on board

  • Standard, stock colour is grey but tanks can be produced in many colours, so why not match your corporate ID?

  • In the past years we've also produced Tuff Tanks in blue, black, yellow, red, orange and green

  • Modest, minimum order quantities may be applicable for a truly unusual colour: just ask us

  • Fleet numbers required? No problem: we can supply customised plates

  • Minimal spares requirement: and those spares you may require, we hold stock

  • PLEASE NOTE: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/-3% variation. We reserve the right to amend the technical specification to improve the product without prior notification

  • Plastic process and material guarantee: 2 years based on UV8. This guarantee excludes damage due to misuse



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