Site Water Tanks

Site water is non potable water used onsite for irrigation, washing of equipment and mixing with other products for example cement or concrete. these tanks are suitable for the storage of non potable water and grey/ black waste water. available in a range of sizes from 1350-20000 ltrs. Other uses are as Rainwater harvesting tanks which will help to reduce water consumption and reduce costs onsite. Our range of process and non-potable (site) water tanks include tanks  ideal for irrigation, liquid fertiliser, molasses and rainwater harvesting. so ideal for construction, industrial, agricultural, horticultural and domestic applications. 

Other features include

corrosion resistance,

UV stabilisation,


A Vent

An inspection lid in the case of 1350/1400/2500 models and manway access on models 3500L or larger.

Available optional extras:

1” and 2” stainless steel bottom outlets, larger outlet(s),

extra connections for inlets/outlets,

ball valves, float valves,

pumping systems and filter kits –

in shortage, everything that is required to cater for the wide range of applications for which a potable water tank could be required.





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