Settlementation tanks (settlement tanks)

Water settlement or settlementation tanks are used to remove the silty contaminants from water being pumped from ground holes, allowing unwanted waste water to be discharged in accordance with environmental agency guidelines PPG1. suitable for all industries such as construction, industrial, aggricultural, quarrying and recycling plants. Our tanks have also been designed to be stackable to save space when not in use, perfect for large fleets and rental fleets. 

The pump is connected to the inlet port, waste water is then pumped through compartments one & two allowing the silt and debris to settle (via gravity) before entering the third compartment which allows the silt and debris free clean water through the discharge port. The inlet & discharge ports are fitted with 4'' and/or 6'' bauer connectors (other sizes available on request including flanged fittings and threaded fittings). Manufactured from High grade steel construction these tanks are practical, efficient, easy to use and durable. 

*Please note: Prior to any discharge of water to any causeway, it is the contractor’s responsibility to seek approval from their local environmental agency.

Otther Features Include:

  • Strong steel construction
  • stackable (to save spce for when not in use) idea for rental fleets. 
  • Inlet port: 4'' or 6'' Bauer connector
  • Outlet: 4'' or 6'' Bauer connector
  • Four point lifting: (Empty only)
  • Drain points: 2 x 2''BSP

Option Extras Available:

  • Mechanical flow meters
  • Lay flat hoses (25m coils) various sizes available.
  • Additional bauer/flange couplers, various sizes available
  • Heavy duty, rubber suction/delivery hose (25m coils) various sizes available



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