The SaniStation is a unique solution for the immediate deployment of a central hand sanitising unit.

The sanistation comes in 2 different sizes the S20 and S40 

The sanistation S20 is a small porrtable design which allows it to be easily and quickly deployed at any location. 

The sanistation S20 comes as standard with 1 x pump dispenser, 1 x 5L hand sanitiser and relevant sanitising signage.

The sanistation S40 is the larger of the 2 units and is more robust because of it steel construction and would be more suited to perment or semi perment positioning for larger numbers. 

As standard, the Sanistation S40 comes with 2 x pump dispensers, 1 x 5L hand sanitiser and relevant sanitising signage.

• Two-sided to promote segregation
• Durable wipe-clean surface
• Complies with EN 1276, EN 13704, EN 14476
• Aerodynamic design to withstand wind
• Dispensers come unfixed for flexible layout
• Fork lift skids for manoeuvrability with optional castors (S40 only)
• Suitable for external use with gutter to prevent rain water dripping onto user (S40 only)

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