Interceptor Drip and Spill trays

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Our Drip Trays have been designed to be used outside, are not affected by heavy or prolonged rainfall and will not overflow. They are fitted with a Clear Flow Filter which allows trapped water to free flow to ground - eliminating the risk of overfilling during heavy or prolonged rainfall - whilst containing any contaminants such as fuel and oil. Robustly built for site using high grade steel it is perfect for sitting underneath pump, generators and fuel tanks to prevent ground contamination due to drips and spills. 

How It works:

The Drip Tray is placed beneath the item, catching and containing any spills or drips which may occur, thus preventing contamination of the surrounding area. The use of Drip Trays is now a legal requirement under the control of Pollution Regulations 2001.


  • Robust Steel Construction
  • Integral lifting points
  • Base plinths - reducing the risk of puncture when sited on stony ground
  • Treaded support rails - reducing the risk of slipping
  • Modular by designe so can be linked together for larger work/storage areas

Accessories available: Discharge Pumps, Gas/bottle cages, Drum/IBC Stands.

Optional washbay upgrade: If you are looking for somthing to use to wash down your equipment then we also offer an upgraded version of the drip tray to an interceptor wash bay. available in all sizes with removable sides and water filter and holding tank.


  • As per Drip tray spec above. 

  • Wash bay removable sides ((mm)

Corner sections 600 x 600 x 2000

Straight sections 300x 2000

Straight section 600 x2000

Straight sections 1200 x2000

  • Water filter and holding tank (1000ltrs)

  • Access Ramps (optional) 


Drip Trays and wash bays are available in various sizes or bespoke to suit your exact requirements. Please contact us to request the specific product details.