Why Use ISO Shipping Containers?


An ISO shipping container is any type of shipping container which is designed, manufactured and tested to the standards of the International Standards Organisation in terms of its strength, size and durability.

Their main use is for transportation methods including road, rail and sea freight. However, as well as being used to meet these standards there are a few other reasons to use ISO shipping containers.


ISO shipping containers are very cost-efficient and using them means lower overall shipping costs, ISO shipping containers are more convenient than standard containers and are generally less expensive.

They can also be stacked on top of each other which means storage space that is at a premium can be maximised as much as possible.


ISO shipping containers are incredibly robust and resilient as they are manufactured from steel, similar to bridges and buildings and are able to withstand the elements.

As you may know, this style of shipping containers have steel corrugated panels which are very watertight and wind-resistant so will last for years.

They can still be susceptible to rust like any other steel products, so must be properly maintained and well looked after in order to prolong their life.


ISO shipping containers can carry a wide range of goods which is another reason why they are so popular. They can carry everything from engineering parts to manufactured goods, foods and liquids can also be refrigerated while being shipped.

But it’s not just the transportation of goods where ISO shipping containers are used, they are also becoming a popular choice for storage on construction sites.

At FOC Sales we have a wide range of ISO shipping containers which are primarily used for storing plant equipment and other work-related tools and valuables.

All our containers are wind and watertight and fully lockable and are available in a variety of sizes and styles. We can also build you a container for a specific purpose including bespoke units.

This style of container is also being used for pop up shops, cafes, and other urban areas where the need for a cheaper, durable and versatile location is needed.

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