Why Use Bespoke Shipping and Storage Containers?


Shipping containers have been a popular choice for the storage and security of on-site machinery and tools. Nowadays shipping containers are more than just storage units, they can also be used for additional office space or even staff changing rooms complete with running water and electricity. In this article we look at why you should use bespoke shipping and storage containers.

Money saving

Shipping containers are great for storage and are a more cost-effective solution than renting a storage unit which over time could become expensive. For construction purposes a shipping container can save you money on several costs including tax, safety and repair costs.

Bespoke design

While shipping containers are extremely durable, they can be created bespoke for your specific needs. From the addition of custom doors to on-site office containers, there is no end to the design potential. You can get very creative with shipping containers and bespoke modifications allow you to do just that.

They are unique

Using shipping containers is becoming a popular trend for new business start-ups because of the industrial and unique style they provide. People are starting to see the potential for using shipping and storage containers as a way to build homes and pop up businesses.

Environmentally friendly

Bespoke shipping containers can also help to reduce the waste and impact on our environment. They are able to maximise sustainability and with their durability can last for many decades to come. By utilizing this new way of bespoke engineering you can help contribute to the industrial footprint of construction.


The versatility of shipping containers has endless possibilities, no matter what design idea you are thinking of a shipping or storage container is a blank canvas to create something that is practical and original. If you have a design then FOC Sales can help you make it a reality.

Choose FOC Sales & Hire

We offer a full range of new and used shipping containers primarily used on site for secure storage of plant and equipment. All our containers are wind and watertight and fully lockable. Available in a variety of sizes and styles. Need a container built for a specific purpose then we can also build bespoke units for you as well.

Whatever the nature of your construction project, site offices can meet your space needs. FOC Sales can provide you with all your construction requirements. For more information about how to create a bespoke shipping or storage container for you, Contact Us or call 0330 122 9002 or email info@focsales.com for additional information.