Why On-Site Safety Is So Important and How Bootwashes Can Help


Health and safety is one of the most important aspects for any business no matter what shape or size. The wellbeing of employees is paramount and adhering to health safety protocols will reduce the risk of fines, prosecution and above all else the reputation of the business. Below we look at why health and safety is important as well as how bootwashes can help.

What is health and safety?

Health and safety is about reducing the number of accidents in the workplace and keeping employees, visitors, and customers safe from injury and illness. When good practices are implemented it means that employers do not face unnecessary risks, fines, and prosecution from negligence. The area of health and safety is subject to many laws and guidelines which are important to follow.

Increase your reputation

Adhering to health and safety guidelines not only boosts morale and gives employees greater confidence and security to do their job, but it will also help increase your businesses reputation. The construction industry can be a high-risk place to work and if there is a strong health and safety culture it will help lower insurance costs and improve efficiency within the workforce.

What is an example?

There are many areas on a construction site where health and safety are integral. One of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace is from slips on wet surfaces or from muddy boots. Installing bootwashes is one way to combat this health and safety issue and with it make employees more accountable for their day to day actions, making them socially responsible.

Muddy feet are not only a health and safety risk on site but it can be a drain on profits due to excessive wear and tear on cleaner areas. At FOC Sales & Hire our bootwash infinity units are equipped with a combined hose and brush fitting that enables you to quickly clean off any debris or dirt to help reduce the risk of slips in the workplace.

The modular design is effective at solving the problem of muddy boots. These bootwashes are easy to install and suitable for most construction sites, as well as sports grounds, equestrian centres and even leisure sites such as camping and hiking centres.

The importance of health and safety

With so many risks in the workplace, the importance of health and safety should never be taken lightly. It is crucial that managers of all positions, as well as business owners, enforce a strong health and safety culture.

If you have any questions about how our bootwashes can help you with your on-site health and safety, get in touch with one of the FOC Sales team here or call us directly on 0330 122 9002 or email info@focsales.com We will be more than happy to help!