Why is Wastewater Collection Essential on-site?


The recent COVID-19 outbreak has seen a crackdown on sanitisation, in particular people’s personal hygiene. The government and the World Health Organisation have told the public that we need to wash our hands more often.

On a busy site with a large workforce, this means that plastic waste tanks are needed for the collection and storage of wastewater. Below are a few reasons why wastewater collection is essential on-site.

Convenient storage

Wastewater collection is a convenient way to store water on-site. Whether it is within construction, at a glamping site or a public event, anywhere where there are insufficient means to a connecting sewer. The water tanks have a simple linking kit that has a range of benefits which can be used to connect a number of storage tanks together.


Many water storage tanks are very robust and as well as being able to hold gallons of water and at a time, they are able to withstand the rigours of any construction or industrial site - in fact, they are made for just about any environment and job. Most tanks will have upper surfaces are ribbed for strength and sloped so that rainwater will not collect


The size of tanks can range from 160 to 1000 gallons (725 to 4546 litres) and are specifically designed to fit easily under site welfare cabins which are then used to collect and store wastewater. If your cabin or site office is in a remote location then plastic waste tanks are the best solution. It also means that hygiene levels stay at their highest. You are even able to increase the tank’s volume by connecting several tanks together using simple linking kits.


A wastewater system and installed tank can last for up to 15-years with the right care and maintenance. They provide a very cost-effective means of treating water and keeping unwanted bacteria at bay. This is crucial for making sure the environment is kept safe from toxic materials that could find their way into the earth.

Reduced odour

In comparison to other systems, modern wastewater systems will emit minimal odours. This is something that puts people off from investing in a septic tank or similar system because they cannot stand the odours. With modern systems, once they are cared for correctly, odours are not an issue.

If you would like to know more about installing a wastewater tank on site then check out some of the different sizes here. Alternatively, contact one of the FOC Sales team to discuss your requirements further.