Why Do I Need a Bunded Fuel Tank On-Site?


If your construction site is using fuel daily then you are going to need somewhere to store it safely and securely, and a bunded fuel tank is the perfect option. A bunded tank is effectively a small tank inside a large one. The fuel is stored in the smaller of the two tanks meaning there is a protective layer around the outside which will stop fuel spillages. Below are some reasons why you need a bunded fuel tank on site?

1. Staying compliant

If you are storing fuel on site then there are strict rules and regulations to adhere to in order to stay compliant, which is why using a bunded fuel tank is a must. Basically, any container with the capacity to store more than 200 litres must be bunded.

2. Environmentally friendly

Fuel spillages can be damaging to the environment, so it is important that all construction site managers do everything to prevent this from happening. Bunded fuel tanks are specifically designed to stop fuel leaks and spillages given the way they are engineered; this means that the environment will be safe from the detrimental effects of the fuel.

3. Cost efficient

Any construction site manager needs to be on top of the finances and is looking for ways to make savings. A bunded fuel tank is often seen as an investment and can save you money in the long-term. Using a cheaper alternative could prove to be costly.

4. Stop theft

Fuel theft is common within the construction industry and every precaution must be taken to combat the thieves. The bunded fuel tank can provide you with the strength and protection needed to keep your fuel safe from internal and external sources.

5. Additional features

As well as the protective outer layer a bunded fuel tank has many other features that are beneficial. The most common features are a tank gauge that will allow you to see how much fuel is remaining inside, a lockable fill point that stops theft and a fuel inspection hatch for easy access.

6. Flexibility

If you are moving location but still need to have access to fuel, then a bunded tank can be easily transported to another site. Bunded tanks also have the added benefit of the possibility of being installed in areas that are hard to access.

Need help choosing a bunded fuel tank?

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