Why Choose FOC For Your Bespoke Construction Equipment Builds?


At FOC Sales & Hire, our team of fully trained staff have the expert knowledge to be able to create bespoke design ideas to solve a variety of different problems. Our 30 years’ experience has seen us work across a wide range of diverse industries such as construction, demolition, civils and logistics.

It can be hard to know exactly what you need or how you are going to achieve it, but we are confident that we will understand exactly what products you will need for your site, contract or everyday use. As a specialist sale and hire company it is our job to fully understand your business requirements, and budget.

Extensive product range

We have an extensive product range and can supply everything you need. This means that you will only ever have to deal with one supplier and only pay one invoice. On top of that, you will have our professional and experienced team at your disposal to answer any questions or queries that you might have and to make sure that the job is done to 100% satisfaction.

After placing an order with us it will be delivered to the exact location as requested and the FOC Sales team can take care of any after-sales tasks meaning you can focus on the job at hand. There are no additional stresses dealing with us and we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service.

Bespoke design

Recently we helped a large Scottish civil engineering company build a 2,000ltr 10ft containerised watermatic tank with UV filtrations in them. We took the time to understand what they needed and then planned and costed everything meticulously to make sure it met their high expectations and budget.

If you are confused as to what construction equipment you are looking for or need why not get in touch with one of the FOC Sales team today. Our extensive knowledge includes bunded fuel tanks, welfare cabins, water storage tanks and other construction equipment.

Even though we are based in the North West of England we can cover the entirety of the UK as our stock is held in various holding yards around the country and with a nationwide delivery service. So regardless of where your company is based or where your site is positioned, we can give you the same high-quality customer service wherever you are.

Speak to the experts

So, if you are a hire company looking for a fleet supplier or a construction company looking for a site set up, FOC Sales & Hire are the right suppliers for you. Give us a call now on 0330 122 9002 or email us info@focsales.com - we look forward to working with you!