Why Are Settlement Tanks Needed On-Site?


Allowing unwanted wastewater to be discharged onto your site or pumped anywhere else not in accordance with environmental agency guidelines PPG1 is illegal. It is, therefore, your duty to make sure it is stored and disposed of correctly and responsibly.

Using a settlement tank helps to remove the silty contaminants from water being pumped from ground holes.

These systems are suitable for all industries such as construction, industrial, agricultural, quarrying and recycling plants. Below are a few reasons why you need to have a settlement tank on-site.

Site management

Having a settlement tank is practising good site management. The tanks main function is designed to reduce the velocity of the wastewater flow, allowing heavier organic solids (called raw sludge) to settle. They are the first stage of treatment after the removal of large particles. The most common source of silt pollution is the result of rainwater runoff from topsoil stripped areas of construction sites.

Prevents pollution

Wastewater that is not stored of and disposed of correctly is damaging to the environment, not to mention that if you discharge it into a public sewer with the consent or agreement of the authorities then you will be prosecuted, fined or even imprisoned.

Easy to use

Settlement tanks are not challenging to use and there are many different sizes and designs that will suit your on-site requirements. The sludge collected by the tanks settle within the tank’s single hopper and can be easily removed using the gate valve which can be opened. This eliminates the need for the tank to be taken offline for emptying at a different location, which allows smooth continuous operation.

Simple design

Settlement tanks are simple in design and can be stacked to save space, making them perfect for large fleets and rental fleets. Their design also includes drain bugs and lifting eyes which enables two or more units to be connected should the need for multi-stage settlement be required.

Although they are heavy-duty pieces of equipment, they have fork pockets which allow them to be lifted with a forklift and moved to the correct location or position.

If you need help selecting a settlement tank for your site, then the team at FOC Sales & Hire can help choose the right one for your requirements. You can check out all the sizes of tanks we have here, or get in touch with us here.