What are the benefits of buying a bunded fuel tank?


Bunded fuel tanks are essentially a tank within a tank and is one of the securest ways to store fuel. The double layers and extra fittings help ensure that your people, as well as the environment, are properly protected from leaks and spillages that can cause devastating damage. Correct maintenance of bunded fuel tanks is essential for the proper protection. Following are 3 of the main benefits of buying a bunded fuel tank.


1. Safe and reliable fuel storage

Bunded fuel tanks are designed to be easily moved around, so when on-site, you can easily refill any equipment when and where needed. They are safe and reliable, so no need to worry when you have these tanks looking after your fuel in the workplace.


2. Avoiding oil contamination

As bunded fuel tanks have that extra layer of protection, this dramatically reduces the risk of a leak. This is because even if the inner tank experiences a leak, oil will not escape nor damage the surrounding environment. By preventing environmental damage, which is very important to the wildlife in your area, having a bunded fuel tank to store your oil on-site will be efficient to your business - it can be costly as well as time consuming to clean up. Carry on saving your precious funds you are trying to save!


3. Amazing durability

Steel bunded fuel tanks have robust structures to keep the fuel from leaking and causing damage to people, animals, the environment and property. The clever construction gives it a strong frame, giving them an average lifespan of 10-12 years. With the additional tank being in place, this helps to protect the tanks from any unexpected or unnatural damage, like vandalism, with the extra layer.



In conclusion, Bunded fuel tanks are a safe and foolproof way of fuel storage on site. Whether you need to refuel machinery or you need on-hand fuel for heating, bunded fuel tanks will ensure your fuel is stored securely and protects your property and the environment from damage. 


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