Water Use and Storage On-Site


Storing water is a lot different from storing food but there are still a few considerations when it comes to storing water for use on-site. Water can be susceptible to viruses and contamination, so you need to take the necessary precautions to protect the water from these threats.

Below are five tips for water usage and storage on-site:

Select the right container

Once you have gauged the amount of water that you need to store you need to make sure it is stored in the right container. Ideally, water can be stored in steel or copper containers, these materials will not contaminate the water and you can be sure that it is safe for long-term use. When storing water, you want to make sure that you are not using containers which can transfer toxic substances into the water.

Store it correctly

Depending on the amount of water you need to store most water containers cannot be stacked on top of each other. If space is limited and you do need to stack the containers look for ones with grooves on the bottom. Water barrels are safest when they are in an upright position so take care in making sure they are not stored directly on the floor. 

The reason is that some plastics can absorb chemicals and odours that will taint the water making it not fit for consumption. Finally, when closing the lid of the containers ensure that there are no air bubbles and the lid is sealed tightly, keeping them away from direct sunlight.

Regular testing

Unlike food, water does not have an expiry date, but it can become contaminated. When storing water on-site it is vital that it is tested regularly as if it is not stored in the correct conditions it can develop a stale taste. This can be reduced if the water is correctly purified. Doing so will give you peace of mind that it is safe to drink, use and it will reduce the risk of contamination. 

Replace stored water

If stored correctly water can last for years but to ensure long-lasting freshness it is advised that you replace it once a year. The old water can still be conserved and used for jet washing, cleaning and other on-site tasks. If you are unsure about the correct storage container for your water then get in touch with one of the team at FOC Sales & Hire, construction equipment suppliers.

How long will it last?

When you treat water properly and have it in a dark and cool area, you could potentially get away with never having to rotate your water. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend that you check your water every 6 - 12 months. 

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