Three Ways Temporary Fencing and Barriers Can Help Crowd Control


Even before the Coronavirus pandemic temporary fencing and barriers have always been used to help with crowd control. Now though, with social distancing being the new norm the need for fencing and barriers has become much more apparent. Below are three ways temporary fencing and barriers can help crowd control:

Manage crowd behaviour

When it comes to controlling crowd behaviour temporary fencing and barriers can help where there may be hazards such as tripping due to insufficient lighting or poorly maintained floors as well as the build up of rubbish or vehicles that are made to share the same route as pedestrians.

Event organisers can also use temporary fencing and barriers to reduce congestion and monitor the flow of crowds going to and from a public event - which is a vital part of event planning. They can also be used to line routes or to prevent people climbing on top of temporary structures which can put lives at risk.

Social distancing

In today’s socially distant environment there is a huge benefit to using temporary fencing and barriers where there is a big emphasis on public health and safety. They are vital to keeping people apart where large gatherings are common such as cafes, bars, and restaurants. The barriers can also be used to control the in-flow and out-flow of people from the building.

Flexible and durable

Another benefit is that pedestrian fencing and barriers can be deployed and erected quickly and moved as and when necessary, thus reducing the need for a permanent fixture. With social distancing rules constantly changing barriers and fencing must move with the changes. The durability of the barriers is key and both plastic barriers and steel versions are very effective and long lasting no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Fencing and barriers is ideal for making entrances and exits as well as blocking off hazardous areas to the public. Not only that but they are perfect for highway maintenance or utility companies who need to create makeshift temporary walkways for pedestrians.

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