The Use of Site Guards and Barriers On-Site


The construction industry is a very hands-on and labour-intensive industry and with so much human involvement comes the need for increased safety and precautions, for your workforce and public. Below are a few reasons why the use of site guards and barriers on-site is so important.

Health and safety mentality

Health and safety in and around the construction site is critical and every construction site should operate with a ‘safety first’ mentality.

The most common accidents and deaths on construction sites are falls, so one of the best ways to reduce this is with site guards and barriers.

Whether this is for marking off a zone or an area on-site which is hazardous or where the need to work high up having a site guard and barrier is a necessity - they should be the first thing in place before any work commences.

There are many rules and regulations that construction businesses must follow and failure to comply can have serious consequences. If the safety standards are met, then your workforce will have peace of mind that you are putting their safety first.

Not only that but having these safety measures in place means that you will not lose out on any man-hours or project delays because of employees having time off through injury. It also means that you will not have to deal with the rigmarole of a legal battle for negligence.

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of site guards and barriers on site is the ease of installation. Most site guards and barriers are portable and can be quickly assembled and should be always visible and distinguishable.

Each unit links together via vertical pins and specially adapted units enable the system to rotate through 180° which provides flexibility with location and siting.

They are strong and built to last give the galvanised tube, which is powder-coated to provide high visibility colours. They are robust, easy to install, visible, strong, and durable, and have become a standard of safety in the construction industry.

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