The Importance of Manual Handling Safety


In almost every line of work, there will be some degree of manual handling and heavy lifting. Making sure it is done with the proper technique will help avoid injury and permanent damage. Below we list a few tips for the importance of manual handling safety.

1. Assess the risk

Before you even consider lifting anything you need to assess the risk and the environment around you. If you are lifting an object and moving it from one part of the site to the other, it is important to make sure there is nothing that will get in your way or affect your lifting technique.

2. Balance the load

If you can try and store objects at waist level, you don’t want to be trying to lift a heavy object from up high. There are many storage units and containers that can assist in keeping things at waist level. Also, make sure that the container is sturdy and doesn’t fall apart, don’t try and carry anything which is already overflowing.

3. Lifting aids

Where you can use a ladder of lifting aid to help retrieve and move an object. Most businesses will have this type of equipment which promotes manual handling safety and will avoid serious injury.

4. Good posture

Always try and adopt a good lifting posture. Never lift with your back, always with your legs. Keep your back as straight as possible and keep the load as close to your body as you can - avoid lifting anything above shoulder height for too long.

5. Clear a path

Finally, make sure that you have a clear path, this means open any doors and clear obstructions where necessary, you need to see where your feet are particularly when going downstairs.

It is important to understand your limits especially when it comes to the weight involved. If you don’t feel comfortable lifting the object by yourself then either use the correct lifting equipment or wait for someone to help.

Allow yourself time to rest if you are moving an object a long distance. Following the above tips will help you to avoid long term injury and time off work.

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