The Importance of Dust Suppression On-Site From a Health & Safety Point of View


With the return of the warm and hot weather, it is ever important for industries to consider the health and safety of their workers. One way of keeping down the level of dust is by using dust suppression browsers. They are an important means of providing a safe work environment for employees so that they may avoid developing long-term health issues. Read on to learn more about dust suppression and why investing in a dust suppression bowser is important for your construction site.

What is dust suppression?

Dust suppression is essentially applying liquid in order to restrict the spread and dissemination of fine particles in the air that can be harmful to health. This can include the use of mobile bowsers or the spraying of a fine mist of water through atomising nozzles. These capture the dust particles and bring them to the ground, reducing the number in the air that may affect visibility and breathing.

Where is dust suppression necessary to consider?

Construction and building sites or dust in public places including pollen or dust mites are common reasons to consider dust suppression systems. Grit on a construction site is a common source of airborne particles that can cause a whole host of health problems. If you own a construction site then investing in a dust suppression system may be legally required. Some other hotspot areas to consider using dust suppression bowsers or systems are car parks, quarry roads, approach roads and agricultural farming fields.

Why is dust suppression important?

Dust Suppression units and systems are important in maintaining the health of employees in specific industries, especially those at high risk of dust. Keeping control over dust and preventing issues from arising for people who are adversely affected by dust in their environment is a legal requirement. By keeping control over dust levels, you can protect your staff from conditions like skin and eye infections and harmful respiratory diseases. You can also reduce the risk of fire since the systems mostly run on water and other fluids that create a fireproof environment.

Dust suppression bowsers can improve visibility in the workplace and this in turn can make the workplace safer. Investing in systems to make the workplace healthier and safer can also make employees feel valued and therefore improve productivity and overall satisfaction and morale in your work environment.


Dust suppression bowsers are important for maintaining the health and safety of employees since they protect from respiratory conditions and other ailments attributed to high levels of dust in the work environment. At FOC Sales & Hire we offer a range of dust suppression bowsers to suit most applications. 

Our team of experts have over 30 years experience and will ensure your working environment is up to legal health and safety standards. We have knowledge of most industries and can help ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Get in touch today for more information.