The Benefits of Manual Handling Equipment


You might have heard the saying ‘bend with your knees when you lift’ that might be true but in some cases the object in question is too heavy, despite us thinking it is manageable. In the workforce, more people are using equipment such as sack trucks, turntable trucks and bundle racks all of which make our lives so much easier. Below are five benefits of manual handling equipment:

Reduces stress

Where possible and when safe to do so the use of lifting equipment and mechanical aids can be a huge benefit within the workforce as it can help with manual handling tasks. The main reason for using this type of equipment is that it reduces stresses and strains put on the body that might have been caused if handling equipment was unavailable. This equipment can also significantly reduce work-related injuries.

Increased productivity

Another benefit of manual handling equipment is that it helps speed up productivity by reducing the time it takes to perform a task where heavy lifting and manual labour are the only option. For example, moving heavy loads can be done much quicker with the use of manual handling equipment, which in the long term proves that it is a great investment.

Does not require fuel

A lot of manual handling equipment does not require fuel and uses manpower to operate them. The modern design of manual handling equipment means that they are more durable and rarely need to be replaced if they are looked after and maintained regularly. This has a huge impact on the environment as the carbon footprint is reduced as no fuel is needed - a massive benefit for the environment.

Minimise absences

Another importance of using manual handling equipment is that it will reduce the time your employees have off work because of an accident or injury while lifting heavy objects. This will aid in the productivity of the business which has a knock-on effect in completing jobs on time.

Health and safety

Of course, when moving or using any manual handling equipment there should be a big emphasis on health and safety. Manual handling equipment reduces the unnecessary lifting of objects over people’s heads. Remember that steps should be taken to provide employees with the relevant training needed to operate the equipment safely and without injury.

Ensuring the body is fully supported during lifting heavy equipment is crucial to ensuring that employees can stay in the best possible condition. By enforcing the use of manual handling equipment, you will help make a big difference to their overall long-term health.