Settlement Tanks and Flooding


It’s been a very wet start to the year with Storm Brendan, Ciara and Dennis all hitting very close to each other, therefore leading to severe flooding and many more risks of flooding throughout the UK. At the time of writing in the Manchester area alone, there have been 32 flood risks so it’s important that pump rental companies are prepared to work overtime to remove the floodwater ASAP.


Floodwater is known to be contaminated and so the official advice is to stay away from floodwater if at all possible, due to certain hazards such as sharp objects, animals, faeces, medical and industrial waste. However, if you do have to go into the floodwater you should wear gloves and rubber boots and wash thoroughly after leaving the floodwater to avoid any illnesses.


With such sudden flooding, many pumping companies are likely stretched thin and with more rain to come it could spell disaster for pumping companies to have equipment shortages during such a crucial time.


Our settlement tanks help to settle the silty water and reduce the number of contaminants in the floodwater, removing debris and silt with the aim to make the floodwater safer and is one of the first steps for pumping the floodwater back into rivers and reservoirs.

FOC Sales and Hire’s settlement tanks are essential to all flood efforts since their tanks are designed to be space-efficientstackable and easily transportable and so will be ideal for the cleanup efforts in many flooded places.