How to Prepare Your Construction Site for Winter


The cold weather is here, and it has the potential to bring with it sleet, freezing temperatures, ice and snow. All these elements can be very dangerous for those people working on a construction site. Despite these extreme weather conditions work still needs to be done and deadlines have to be met. Below we cover a few ways on how to prepare your construction site for winter.

Clearing snow

Snow can grind work to a halt which can delay construction projects. There is a way around this and FOC Sales have the perfect solution. Our forklift snow scraper attachment will help you as they are ideal for use in car parks, on service roads, and in other environments which see a lot of snow or muddy conditions. They are extremely versatile and incredibly functional and will enable you to keep work going throughout the winter.

Reduce accidents

With freezing temperatures comes ice and wet and slippery surfaces can cause havoc unless you prepare properly. Where you can lay down grit the night before around high traffic areas such as around site offices and walkways. This will stop these areas from freezing over thus reducing any potential accidents.

It can be hard to know when to grit so keep an eye on the weather. The best time to grit is when there is frost, ice or snow forecast or when there has been rain or damp. Grit early in the evening before the frost has time to settle or early in the morning before the workforce arrives. It is important to note that salt does not work straight away and it needs the time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor.

Provide warmth

Remember it’s not just accidents as a result of icy surfaces that you need to be worried about. Working outside in near freezing temperatures can be detrimental to a person’s health by reducing the skin and internal body temperature to drop.

If it rains and the skin becomes damp that can contribute to heat loss that could result in frostbite or hypothermia. A welfare cabin is a great way to combat this as they can provide a clean and warm environment for your staff.

Choose FOC Sales & Hire

Whatever the nature of your construction project, site offices can meet your space needs. FOC Sales can provide you with all your construction requirements. For more information about our forklift snow scraper attachment, Contact Us or call 0330 122 9002 or email info@focsales.com for additional information.