How The Flat Pack Designed Bootwash Infinity Is Perfect For On-Site Use


During winter the ground on a construction site can become slippery, muddy and at times difficult to walk on. Muddy feet can pose a significant health and safety risk and while you wouldn’t think that mud is a problem the risk of falls, slips and trips as a result of muddy and dirty boots are high. Below we look at how the flat pack designed Bootwash Infinity is perfect for on site-use.

The Solution

Thankfully the flat pack Bootwash Infinity are a cost-effective solution to the problem. These impressive pieces of kit are easy to install on-site and don’t take up a lot of room. They come equipped with an integrated hose and brush fitting that enables your staff to quickly clean their boots, removing all major traces of dirt and debris.

If you manage a large site then bootwashes are innovatively designed as a modular system allowing you to link several units together so that you can cover the entire site, no matter how small or large it is. They can also be set up in several different configurations such as back to back which is another great way to save on space.

Flat pack design

Bootwashes are flat pack in design to make them perfect for manual handling as they are not too heavy and are suitable for just one person to set up and install. They can be connected to a mains water supply or to water storage tanks with standard fittings.

Bootwash Infinitys are made from lightweight, durable material which means they can stand up to all types of weather. Their unique features include removable grids for easy maintenance and cleaning after use.


As a long-term investment bootwashes are a cost-effective solution to an ongoing problem. They will improve the health and safety on-site, helping to reduce the amount of accidents which can occur from time to time. Having them installed will give you peace of mind that your work force is safe.

Bootwashes are perfect for hire companies and can be adapted to the requirements of your site. They are easy to transport as well as store as their unique flat pack design means that they are great if you are limited on space.

Whatever the nature of your construction project, site offices can meet your space needs. FOC Sales can provide you with all your construction requirements. For more information on the Bootwash Infinity, Contact Us or call 0330 122 9002 or email info@focsales.com for additional information.