How Bootwashes Help to Prevent Slip Hazards in Muddy Weather


Working outside means that you’re going to be facing different weather conditions. From rain, hail, sun and perhaps snow, these conditions can create many hazards which can slow down production for construction sites and other work sites that are outdoors. But how can these types of hazards be reduced? We look at one of the main options below, bootwashes.

What hazards and accidents are caused by muddy weather?

Construction sites are a minefield of potential accidents waiting to happen, and muddy weather doesn’t help matters. Mudd on workboots is common and not cleaning them frequently can lead to accidents such as slips, trips, and falls especially when getting in and out of equipment and vehicles.

While we’re about vehicles, muddy can also cause you to lose traction or even control when operating heavy machinery.

How can bootwashes help?

Installing bootwashes across the site means there is always an available space to clean boots and wash away excess dirt and debris that would otherwise be a problem.

Muddy feet are not only a health and safety risk on site but can be a drain on profits due to excessive wear and tear on cleaner areas. Our bootwash infinity units are equipped with a combined hose and brush fitting which enables you to quickly clean off any debris or dirt to help reduce the risks.

It has a unique modular design that is effective at solving the problem of muddy boots. This easy to install bootwash is suitable for most applications such as construction and agricultural sites, as well as sports grounds, equestrian centres and even leisure sites such as camping and hiking centres.

How do they work?

The bootwash system is innovatively designed as a modular system enabling you to link several units together depending on how small or large your site is. The bootwashes are also manufactured in a way that they can be linked in several different configurations either side to side or back to back depending on how much space you wish to save.

They are flat pack in design to make them perfect for manual handling and suitable for just one person to set up and install and to save space on storage when not in use. They can also be connectable to mains water or to water storage tanks with standard fittings - making them a universal and much-needed tool for the workplace.

Added benefits

Bootwashes are easy to transport and set up not to mention easy to use and they will help safeguard your workforce in a variety of conditions. If you would like to know more about our bootwashes and how they can help to add an additional layer of health and safety to your site, you can get in touch with the FOC Sales & Hire team here.