Guide to Buying a New or Used Welfare Cabin


Welfare units or cabins are the perfect solution for on site accommodation for employees, as well as for classrooms. They are multipurpose and their self-sufficient nature means that they can be used for a whole variety of projects.

If you are wondering whether you should buy new or used welfare cabins then read on for some answers to some frequently asked questions to help you decide. 

What do I need to think about as an employer when buying welfare cabins?

If you own a construction company then the fact is, construction sites are not always the most comfortable places to work. Your employees have to not only face the elements but also deal with construction waste and dust on a daily basis.

As an employer you are required by law to provide comfortable welfare facilities for your employers. They should be able to prepare food, rest and refresh in these spaces. It is in your interest that the workspace keeps your workers happy since this will make them more productive and also stay loyal to the company.

What do I need to think about when buying welfare cabins?

When buying new or used welfare cabins you need to think about how many people will use the welfare cabins. In addition, you need to decide where the welfare cabins will stand and whether it needs to be moved around. All of these questions will help you decide on the size and type of welfare cabin that you need.

Are there sustainable, eco-friendly welfare cabins available for purchasing?

In an age where climate change is at the forefront of discussions everywhere, you may want to consider eco-friendly options when buying your welfare cabin. Fortunately, these are becoming more widely available. Some eco rated cabins are designed to reduce fuel usage and therefore reduces carbon dioxide emissions too. In addition they also offer low noise pollution.


Welfare cabins provide the perfect solution for low cost and effective accommodation and welfare solutions for employees working on site or in remote places. 

They can also be successfully converted into classrooms and other community buildings while being low cost and budget friendly too. This is especially true if you decide to buy used welfare cabins which can dramatically reduce costs without compromising on quality and purpose.

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