Fuel Storage Tanks - Case Study


Case study: We recently had a customer call us who have a busy plant yard and needed to upgrade their three existing fuel storage tanks to be able to accurately monitor the fuel being used. The problem they had, is that they had a limited budget and didn’t want to have to replace the existing fuel tanks at this stage so needed a system that they could integrate with them. They also they had very little knowledge of fuel monitoring systems and the products available to them on the market, so they called us.

After a brief phone call to us, we went away and research the market. We used our knowledge and contacts and sourced them a system that ticked all the boxes: – 1) Could be integrated with their existing tanks, 2) Could monitor the fuel being used and by which user, 3) could be access remotely by more than one user and 4) Was a live system so it was up to date and accurate.

Because of our buying power with the supplier we managed to get them a fantastic deal which was within budget. Our customer was extremely happy and didn’t hesitate to to place their order with us. Once the order was placed we dealt with everything from arranging the installation to sorting additional training for their staff to enable them to use the new system.

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