FOC Sales and Hire’s Armorgard Range


Armorgard is one of the world’s leading producers of safe and secure on-site equipment. Therefore FOC Sales and Hire are proud to distribute a wide range of Armorgard products.


In this blog we’d like to showcase, in our opinion, some of the best products Armorgard have to offer when it comes to Storage, Utility and Transportation.


When on-site, secure storage is something that’s a constant worry. Theft and tampering with chemicals, copper and tools is a constant threat you need to address. Armorgard has provided FOC Sales with a wide range of secure storage units that are suited perfectly for your needs.


One key example of a secure unit that’s sold by FOC is the Drum-Cage. The Drum-Cage is a large cage built to store hazardous chemicals and substances. It was built to coincide with COSHH safety regulations and comes with a sturdy base, removable grated storage and removable shelves, as well as forklift pockets for easy transportation.


Speaking of the safe storage of hazardous chemicals, FOC would like to take the opportunity to show off Armorgard’s super strong Chembank! The Chembank is a high-security, lockable safe that’s fitted with anti-drill plating, a robust 5-lever-anti-cut deadbolt. Furthermore, it’s fitted with both high and low ventilation to avoid the build-up of fumes inside the safe. In addition to all that, it comes painted bright yellow and with the relevant hazard warnings so that they’re easily distinguished as potentially hazardous materials.


As previously mentioned, construction site based crime is on the rise, with thieves targeting your insecure tools and parts. Therefore to keep those potential robbers out and away from your tools, the Fittingstor is the perfect storage unit for the job! Made with heavy-duty steel and twin 5 lever deadlocks, your high-value copper cables and fittings are as safe as houses! In addition to safety, the Fittingstor also comes with removable plastic shelving and compartments to keep your equipment and supplies well organised and easy to access.


When you’re on-site, there’s nothing worse than not having the proper facilities to get whatever job it is you’re doing, done. Fortunately, FOC Sales and Hire supplies an array of Armorgard units that will help make you and your workforce safer and more efficient whilst working on site.


As previously mentioned: On-site theft is on the rise and your expensive tools and electronics are especially at risk from being stolen whilst left being charged. Therefore, Armorgard’s Powerstation is an absolute must-have. The Powerstation provides a total of 10 charging ports for your tools and appliances whilst also security, with individual locks for each steel compartment and perforated doors for venting and visibility of your devices. One final feature of the Powerstation is that it’s coated with an anti-bacterial epoxy powder coating to avoid the spread of germs on-site.


Need to be able to review plans and documents whilst also being close to the work? Introducing the Site Station, this nifty workstation is portable and fitted with interior lighting and 110V sockets. In addition, there’s also two large and secured storage compartments as well as a slanting shelf - useful for placing documents for easy reading. Furthermore, the Sitestation can also easily be transported with swivel wheels, forklift pockets and lifting eyes so that wherever you go, your trusty site station will always be near.


Our next product truly is top of the line when it comes to on-site must-haves. The Armorgard’s Cuttingstation is a mobile workstation specialised to make sawing easier and more convenient. Outfitted with soundproofing, you’ll also be keeping your overall noise pollution low, whilst proving to be more than adequate for cutting certain materials. This is including but not limited to: timber, pipes, cables and much more! Since the Cuttingstation also contains interior lighting and removable sidewalls, if what you’re cutting is a bit too big for the standard station, you can still work in the best visibility that’s possible. However, a big question that’s probably on your mind right now is ‘how safe is this station?’ and the answer is: Very! Armorgard has ensured that every part of the design of the Cuttingstation is safe and easy to use. It is outfitted with a rubber cut tray to help reduce hand to arm vibration as well as PVC curtains to contain sparks and the aforementioned soundproofing.


Moving heavy-duty materials and appliances from one side of the site to the other isn’t fun for anyone. Armorgard seeks to make transportation as easy and streamlined as possible.


The Bundlerack is a simple yet effective way of transporting lots of heavy-duty equipment; fitted with strong and fully manipulatable wheels, for easy transportation around your site. Even better, when not in use, the Bundlerack can be compacted down to a manageable size and stored easily to optimise space.


As the name suggests, the Rubble Truck is a multi-purpose compact truck fitted with a 400-litre capacity scoop that can be used for scooping up large amounts of debris and with a specialised tipping mechanism, the Armorgard’s Rubble Truck is THE truck to beat when it comes to site clean up. Considering the thick rubber tyres and strong crane lift eyes transporting rubble just became a lot easier.


When you have an accident on site, you want to know that you have the proper contingencies in place for damage control. Armorgard’s Safety Kart is a mobile incident response unit that can store all the things you might need at a site incident. Fitted with interior and exterior hooks you can store a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and chemical spill kit all on one unit! And with its ergonomic handle and heavy-duty wheels it is very mobile and has the capacity to be rushed across a site to an incident.


Want equipment to make your premises a safer and easier environment to work in? Enquire today! We have it all!