Five Reasons Why Temporary Fencing Is Useful For Your Construction Site


Construction site fencing plays an important role in the safety of workers and the general public. It can also help to keep the ongoing construction project hidden until it is finished. At FOC Sales & Hire we have a wide range of fencing, hoarding and barriers for your construction site. In this article we look at five reasons why temporary fencing is useful for your construction site?

1. Security

One of the biggest reasons for using temporary fencing for your construction site is security. Erecting fencing around the entire perimeter of the construction site will prevent trespassers from entering the premises. This can either be used as a deterrent for thieves or to stop the general public from wandering in by mistake.

2. Safety

Another reason for temporary fencing for your construction site is to keep your workers and the public safe. This could be fencing that surrounds heavy machinery or to keep people away from dangerous areas such as a hole in the ground or to stop people climbing scaffolding, etc. If trespassers do make it onto the site, then temporary fence hoardings and banners will indicate to them the potential dangers and pitfalls of them being there.

3. Advertising

A great use for temporary fencing is to promote your company or construction business. If you are undertaking a large-scale project in the city for example, then there will be a lot of passing traffic. Having a large company logo and slogan fixed prominently to this type of fencing is an affordable and cost-effective advertising and marketing technique that could lead to future business.

4. Concealment

Sometimes a construction project needs to be concealed until it has been completed. Using temporary fencing with a protective shield around it will help to reduce the accessibility from the outside. It will also stop people from the temptation of trying to see what is going on.

5. Public notice

Fencing can also be used as a way to display a public notice. This might tell them about the project, who is funding it and what it will be used for when completed. It is not uncommon to see construction companies using temporary fencing and hoardings to communicate that an ongoing construction project will be environmentally friendly.

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