Five Reasons Why Drumstors Are Good for Storing Hazardous Goods


If you use or store hazardous substances that pose a risk to human health then you will need to comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

These strict regulations require you to take the necessary precautions when it comes to the storing and exposure of hazardous substances.

They are also in place to keep your employees and the general public safe, as well as protecting the environment from leaks and spillages. Below we outline five reasons why drumstors are good for storing hazardous goods.

1. Increased security

If you are going to be storing hazardous goods such as chemicals or flammable liquids the last thing you want to happen is for them to be easily accessible. Storing them in a drumstor will provide added security and stop and theft or vandalism.

2. Leakproof

Leaking chemicals and flammable liquids are an environmental disaster, not to mention the danger it could do to employees, the general public, local wildlife and the environment. Drumstors have an integral leak-proof sump to contain accidental spills.

3. Good ventilation

When storing chemicals and flammables liquids you need to ensure there is plenty of ventilation. With a drumstor you will get just that as they have high and low-level ventilation with lowered side panels. This is important when opening them to as it means you won’t get overcome by any fumes.

4. Robust and strong

Drumstors are incredibly strong and are built using fully welded all-steel construction for ultimate strength. Once the doors are locked and secured there is no getting inside, and they will withstand any accidental damage. They are also coated with an all-weather paint meaning they will stand up to the harsh elements.

5. Fire resistant

If your hazardous goods are consumed by fire they will add to the blaze, increasing the likelihood of the fire spreading.

Depending on which chemicals you are storing they could even trigger an explosion which could release dangerous gases into the atmosphere.

Many drumstors will have insulated firewalls and can sustain fire for a short period of time which will be enough time to evacuate and allow the fire service to extinguish it.

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