Five Reasons Why a SaniStation is Important to Have On-Site, Amid COVID-19


With many people working from the safety of their home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has actively encouraged those who haven’t been able to, to return to work.

For the construction industry this has meant that new processes have been put in place to protect employees from spreading or contracting of the Coronavirus. Below are a few reasons why it is important to have SaniStation on site amid COVID-19.

1. Preventing the spread

In order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, having a SaniStation on-site means that all those entering or leaving the premises have quick access to hand sanitisers and wipes which they need to clean surfaces or tools that have been used multiple times. Currently the Coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours after someone has touched them.

2. Portable safety

One of the benefits of a SaniStation is that it can be easily moved and deployed to any area on-site. Certain types of SaniStations can also be moved using a forklift as they have skids for maneuverability with optional castors. They can also come in different sizes depending on how large your site is and how many employees you have.

3. Social distancing

Having several SaniStations across the site will also mean that employees and workers are able to follow social distancing guidelines. Placing a station at all the relevant entry and exit points will help to alleviate any congestion at busy times of the day.

4. Canteens

One area where there is a huge risk of infection is within the canteen area of the site. With people coming in and out on their breaks, the danger of infecting others by touching surfaces is incredibly high if proper precautions are not taken. With a SaniStation that can be easily deployed outside of the canteen or break out area means that everyone going in or out will be able to sanitise their hands easily.

5. Protecting employees

Ultimately the main reason for installing a SaniStation is to protect the health and well-being of your workforce. Making sure that everyone is helping to stop the spread of infection will help your business in the long term as you will not have staff off ill or needing to self-isolate.

The SaniStation is a modern day solution for the easy deployment of a central hand sanitising unit. For more information get in touch with one of the FOC Sales team today.