Five Important Tips Regarding the Revised CDM Regulations


The construction industry is high-risk, and accidents are not uncommon. With proper planning and a thorough assessment of the hazards involved, it will ensure the safety of those on-site. The construction design and management (CDM) regulations aim to assist the relevant project teams regarding health and safety. Below are five important tips to consider.

1. Appoint the right people

Making sure the project has the right people is very important to its success. CDM regulations place duties on everyone involved in the construction process, known as duty holders. Generally, a construction project will have a principal contractor and designer. These roles need to be appointed as early as possible so you can undertake your due diligence to ensure that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to be able to complete the job safely.

2. Managing and organisation

Construction work is incredibly complex as it utilises many different professionals and trades. As such there are many risks involved such as falls from height, collapsing of structures and exposure to asbestos. It is therefore important that the principal designer is fully aware of all the risks and has a process in place to avoid these risks on-site.

3. Construction phase

During the construction phase of the project, the principal contractor must put together a detailed plan explaining how the health and safety risks will be managed. You should not let work commence until these associated risks have the proper precautions in place.

4. Construction information

Before the commencement of any work, the designer and builder will need you to provide information about what you want to build, the site, existing structures and most importantly any hazards that will affect work such as asbestos or overhead cables. Make sure that this information is provided as early as possible to avoid any delays in the work, it will give the designer and builder the time to plan.

5. Communicate clearly

Communication is key with any construction project and should any issues arise during the build they will need to be addressed accordingly. Issues including what will be built and how as well as the type of materials used and how the site will be maintained once construction is completed.

The main reason for this is so that the project does not go over budget or encounter any other unforeseen circumstances. Meeting with the designer and contractor on a regular basis will make sure the project is completed smoothly and on time.

At FOC Sales & Hire we sell and supply everything to meet the strict CDM standards. We can offer a consultation to help put together a complete site welfare package to ensure that your site is set up to comply.