Five Benefits of Having Welfare Cabins On-Site


Whether you are undertaking a construction project or setting up a temporary office or workspace, self-contained welfare cabins are a practical solution for your business. By law, if a project is going to last over 30 days then all companies are required to provide safe welfare facilities for their employees. Below are five benefits of having welfare cabins on-site.

1. The facilities

All commercial self-contained welfare cabins will come fully equipped with electricity as well as heating and cooling systems which might be needed for a staff canteen or breakout area. They will also include the necessary sanitary and hygiene requirements such as toilets, washbasins and running water. These cabins provide a portable clean and safe environment for your employees that can be installed in a fixed location.

2. Bespoke options

Self-contained welfare cabins can be made bespoke for the requirements of the client and environment. Whether that is for a small team or entire construction workforce, a design can be created to suit specific needs. As well as having all the sanitary requirements the cabins are completely self-contained and secure.

3. Convenience

No matter where your site is self-contained welfare cabins are easy to transport and can be set up with the relevant power supply. If you are on the remotest of work sites, they can also have the space to store tools and other assets meaning the site is organised and safe. The convenience of these cabins means that there is an on-site space for staff to have a break which means you don’t have to worry about people travelling great distances for a lunch break.

4. Eco friendly

The welfare cabins are also eco-friendly so if your company is worried about their carbon footprint you needn’t worry as the majority of these self-contained welfare cabins use environmentally-friendly equipment such as eco-smart water-saving technology. There is also the possibility of installing solar panels to generate the necessary power supply to the cabin.

5. Reduce stress

Setting up a temporary office can be difficult for a business which is experiencing change, a new office renovation, or embarking on a new start. Our cabins can take away the stress out of providing a safe environment for employees on a construction site or employees who need to be housed in a temporary office.

If you would like to know more about our self-contained welfare cabins and how they can benefit your worksite or business then email the team at info@focsales.com