Businesses and Sites Responding to Coronavirus Using the Right Equipment


A growing number of businesses and sites are confronting new and unique operational challenges to fight the ongoing COVID-19 and resume operations. Here are some equipment that can be developed to fight the current pandemic to help a business or site resume back to business.


A Sanistation allows for quick and thorough sanitising and cleaning your hands. It helps minimize cross-contamination and offers business employees with continuous access to sanitiser. With a Sanistation, a business will be able to prevent the spread of germs and offer peace of mind to employees and customers. Furthermore, it has become a corporate social responsibility for many businesses to protect the communities.

The Sanistation comes in 2 sizes; the S40 and S20. The S40 is large and robust because of the steel construction and it is suited to semi-permanent and permanent positioning. It comes with a sanitising signage, 1 x 5L hand sanitiser, and 2 x pump dispensers. Conversely, the S20 comes with a sanitising signage, 1x5L hand sanitiser, and 1 x pump dispenser. It is portable and can be moved around easily.

Fencing Hoarding and Barriers

Fencing, hoarding, and barriers precautions are an integral component of any contamination control strategy, especially for businesses and sites. Since COVID-19 is transmitted from one person to another through touching or exchange of fluids, barriers, hoarding, and fencing are widely recommended to provide an extra measure against cross-infection.

Barriers or fencing minimizes the level of physical spread of viruses, for example, through touch. You can purchase these barriers and find professions to install them at FOC Sales and Hire. Our products are of high quality and manufactured in an innovative facility in England. They are also durable and cost-effective.

Zapptizer Sanitising Spray Kit

This is a state-of-the-art sanitising solution that is more cost-effective when compared to hiring experts to conduct regular cleans. It is also more practical than other methods of cleaning especially when it comes to thorough disinfection of all parts of your business.

Sanitising your business or site premises is a vital step in combatting the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This innovative spray kit is simple to use and enables you to sanitize vehicles or premises fast. It is easier to use than cleaning wipes or sprays. It is also an effective and non-toxic sanitiser which acts quickly to kill bacteria and viruses whilst offering long-lasting residual action.

Additional Space

Open offices that are crowded have become a potential health hazard especially now when state officials are planning to reopen business places affected by COVID-19. Most businesses are starting to think of ways they can change their workspaces with some experts saying that open offices could be re-done to allow for personal space.

In case you need additional space for your workplace, contact Foc Sales and Hire for cost-effective and quality welfare cabins. These units provide convenient and mobile workspaces. They include:

·         Static Cabins

·         Static Welfare Units

·         Mobile and Towable Welfare Units

·         Effluent Tanks