A Fool-Proof Guide to FOC Sales’ Range of Temporary Fencing and Barriers


The ideal construction site is secluded and private, giving your workers and site both privacy and security. Unfortunately many construction, maintenance and repair sites happen to be located on brownfield sites; which means you’ll have to deal with some unwanted public attention and could lead to you having to manage motor and foot traffic around your site. 

This guide offers you the information that you need to know about FOC Sales’ wide range of fencing and hoarding barriers


Crowd and pedestrian Barrier

These types of barriers are primarily specialised to deal with (you guessed it) crowd and pedestrian control. Think of Glastonbury: a big open space, you need to regulate queues, manage crowd flow and designate staff-only zones. Therefore, you need crowd and pedestrian barriers; these waist high-barriers are durable and strong as well as being fitted with trip-proof footing which is a great idea when there’s a large crowd. In addition FOC Sales also offer doorways compatible with these types of barriers so you don’t need to break the barrier chain just to let someone through.


Hoarding Fence Panels

If you’re working with expensive equipment and/or on a complex project you’re going to want to regulate unauthorised access to your site, that’s a given. The only question is how? Well with FOC Sales’ temporary fencing, you needn’t worry about the public getting where they’re not meant to be. Solid corrugated steel fences establish a strong and secure perimeter around your site to keep you, your tools and your site safe, keeping the general public out.


Plastic Road Barriers

These things are something everyone in Britain has seen at least one hundred times or more. FOC Sales’ road barriers are very versatile - they can be used to cordon off roadworks, divert traffic all while being eye-catching enough so not even the most absent-minded motorist can miss them. Furthermore, if a footpath or pavement has to be temporarily closed and pedestrians have to walk along a road, the road barriers will give warning to traffic while also directing the pedestrians along the safest route.

There are many types of road barriers that FOC Sales can supply, therefore it’s best to explain the differences and specialisation of each one.

  • Avalon Barrier - The typical orange plastic barrier with red and white reflective stickers. They’re lightweight, they standout and are versatile for all on-the-road conditions

  • Combi Barriers - Similar to the avalon barriers, these barriers are usually used for crowd control at busy venues such as concerts, airports etc. They are heavier and therefore more secure than avalon barriers. This is due to the fact that underneath the barrier there’s a container which can be filled with either water or sand which will weigh the barrier down, adding stability.

  • EnduraFence - These fences are thinner and more lightweight than the avalon barriers and can be stacked on top of one-another to create a taller perimeter.

  • Oxford Strongwall barrier - These are more robust and sturdier than the avalon barrier. In addition, they’re designed with an anti-tamper coupling system therefore adding an extra layer of security to your site. Furthermore, they’re compatible with steel fence panels which can be fitted on top to provide 2 meters worth of sturdy security. Finally these self weighted barriers have been shown to be sturdy enough to still function even after a 44 ton HGV crash test and are additionally windproof up to 32mph - however extra weights can be added to increase this threshold.

  • Oxford Vim Barrier - The Oxford Vim Barrier is a small square perimeter fence structure used to cordon off specific zones of danger such as an open manholes and other small ground openings

  • Road safety barriers - These simple but sturdy UV-stabilised polyethylene road blocks, like the combi barriers can be filled with sand or water to further weigh them down, making them wind resistant and also tamper proof as they can’t be handled easily without removing the water or sand.

  • Site Guard Barrier - These are heavy duty, crash tested, steel barriers reinforced with sandbags to give you the absolute best protection when it comes to vehicles, they have bright warning colours, and are also fitted with a steel mesh anti climb fence to stop pedestrians trespassing and also keep your site safe from possible traffic collisions.


Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing Panels

If you’re working on a busy area you might run into the odd troublemaker or trespasser who want to get on your site for whatever reason. Obviously this is a big no-no as it’s unsafe for them, and there are valuable equipment on your site that you want to protect. Therefore you want anti-climb fences. FOC Sales offers a wide range of varying strength and security panels which are bound to stave off any unwanted guests onto your site. These steel gates are tough and durable so whatever the possibility they’re able to withstand a lot of damage.

And of course FOC Sales also provides compatible personnel and vehicle gates.


Fence/Gate Accessories

Want to specialise your fence or gate a little more? No problem! We have a range of accessories for your barriers to ensure your barrier is right for the job! 

  • Blocks and feet - come in either strong rubber or heavy concrete

  • Block trays and Anti-lift Couplers - For those who need a little extra security around their site

  • Hoarding Stabilisers - Is your hoarding fence needing more stability? Try our super strong stabilisers today and your hoarding will never fall down again!

  • Couplers - need to connect your fence panels together? Set your fences in place with our steel couplers today!