6 uses for steel shipping containers


Shipping containers that stack easily and are compact have been used to transport goods and cargo across oceans and continents for a long time. While they can be made from various materials, steel containers are the most common type due to their long lifespan, robustness and security.

Read on for 6 uses for steel shipping containers:

1. Storage containers

In addition to using steel containers as shipping containers, they can also be used as storage containers. Since they are made from steel, they are strong and will protect your goods and valuables. They are watertight and durable, making them suitable for everything from furniture to clothing and sports equipment.

2. Low cost housing

Steel containers have become an architectural platform all around the world. They offer housing opportunities in places where there is a housing shortage or where houses have become too expensive for the average person. Steel containers keep down the cost of constructing a house, and allow designers to personalize the property so that it works for the residents.

3. Swimming pool

If you like to be daring in your design and are looking for ways to be different, then steel containers are also a great mould for swimming pools. They offer character and individuality without compromising strength and safety. It will also mean that your swimming can be transported so you don’t have to worry about losing your investment if you decide to move.

4. Fire training 

Steel shipping containers are perfect for firefighters to practice fire scenarios. The steel container is fireproof and therefore fires can be initiated within and put out for training purposes.

5. Pop up Shops

A growing trend for steel shipping containers are their conversion into what’s known as ‘Pop-up shops’. Steel shipping containers are in some ways like a blank canvas and therefore make the perfect candidate for  Pop-Up Shops! They’re able to be painted and decorated and tailored to however you please. If done right then you can transform your steel container into any type of retail business you want, from a quaint and cozy café to a stylish indie T-shirt front, the possibilities are virtually endless. In addition it isn’t called a ‘shipping’ container for nothing, they’re easily transportable therefore can be moved from event to event with ease. 

6. Toilet facilities 

If you require toilets and showers near to your workplace, market or worksite, then portable ablution facilities can be the perfect solution. They are compact enough not to take up too much valuable space. The steel containers can be fitted with showers, basins and toilets as required. 



Steel storage containers offer more than just the obvious when it comes to their use and purposes. In addition to shipping, they are a perfect storage solution. They can also be converted to low cost housing, and toilet facilities on site. They also make stylish and attractive swimming pool shells, and can be used by firefighters to recreate a whole host of scenarios to practice their skills safely.


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