5 Reasons Why Every Site Should Have CCTV Installed


CCTV is crucial for protecting your site from thieves and vandals, having CCTV installed will keep your valuables safe and below are five reasons why every site should have CCTV installed?

1. Crime deterrent

First and foremost, having CCTV installed on your site will act as a deterrent from thieves and vandals looking to break in or destroy property. The site of a CCTV camera will make them think twice about breaking in or doing anything illegal as the camera instils the presence of law and order.

2. Monitors activities

CCTV systems can keep track of what is always happening on the site. This means that you have full disclosure about what goes on your site. Many incidents happen after hours which is why many CCTV cameras have thermal imagery to capture everything that goes on under the cover of darkness.

3. Collect evidence

Sometimes you might need to refer to your CCTV after a serious incident has occurred and the system is the perfect way to capture it. Video evidence cannot be disputed if it is clear, and it will help you determine exactly what happened and the course of action to take i.e. if it needs to be turned over to the authorities or if it is to be handled internally. The CCTV evidence collected can be used to confirm dates, times, and locations as well as the suspects involved.

4. Simple installation

CCTV cameras are not hard to install and can be displayed prominently for everyone to see. They can be set up to cover wide or normally undetected areas of the site. You may decide to install a mobile camera tower which can be custom designed to fit your security requirements.

5. Record-keeping

Another reason why every site should have CCTV installed is for record-keeping. You may work on a busy site that has different people coming and going at different times of the day, such as deliveries or people coming for a meeting. Having CCTV means that you can keep a close eye on everything to ensure that your site is running smoothly.

There are many other reasons why CCTV is a must-have installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting cameras installed at your company’s site and give yourself and your staff total peace of mind in the safety of your business operations?

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