3 Benefits of Using Jet Washers in Bad Weather


Washing the exterior of a building or cleaning site equipment and machines can be a chore, but using a high-pressure jet washer bowser will provide a fast efficient solution to the problem. Below are three benefits of using jet washers in bad weather:

1. It’s very efficient

The main reason why so many people use a jet washer is that they provide a great deal of power meaning they can remove dirt from hard to reach places that conventional cleaning can’t do. As the water is being discharged with a great deal of force it will simply blast the dirt and debris clean off the walls or from site machinery.

However, one thing to watch is that given the power of the water it can cause damage to parts if not handled properly, so make sure that whoever is going to be using it understands how to operate it in the correct way. Surfaces cleaned with hot water will also dry faster thanks to the heat meaning production areas are not slowed down.

2. It’s cost-effective

Cost is always going to be a deciding factor when it comes to using a jet washer and it is a cost-effective solution to that of chemical cleaning, for example. The reason for this is that the water operates at such a force that the cleaning task can be completed much quicker, so the time-on-site is reduced.

Many cleaning companies will charge per hour but using a jet wash means this cost is reduced. The jet washers have a number of features including hose reel, lance to reach the high areas and sufficient amount of hose to stretch across large spaces.

3. It’s mobile

If your business is one that is open to the public then the premises are going to need to be cleaned a lot - more so given the current Covid-19 environment.

A lot of people are quick to judge if the outside of a building is not clean and so a jet wash with the addition of an extendable pole or lance can be a very mobile way of cleaning high parts of your premises. The jet wash can also be used on walkways and car parks as another way to remove dirt, debris, and oil.

If you need help and advice finding the right jet washer for your site or you are looking for hire rates then get in touch with the FOC Sales & Hire team here.