3 Benefits of Anti-Vandal Accommodation Units


One of the main concerns for businesses who store materials in areas accessible to the public is security. The equipment and machinery in storage units are often extremely valuable, which would naturally make it a target for thieves and vandals.

Losing equipment to crime can be very costly for any business, so there needs to be appropriate storage units to protect against these dangers. To help combat this, FOC Sales provides some of the best anti-vandal accommodation units.

Many companies find that anti-vandal accommodation is the best long-term, cost-effective solution to protect their site and business against crime. Below are three of the major benefits your business can get from investing in anti-vandal units.

1. Impenetrable

The primary benefit of anti-vandal accommodation is that it is specifically designed to withstand break-ins. It doesn’t matter whether vandals use tools or brute force, every unit has undergone thorough testing to ensure it is vandal-proof.

The units are rated firstly by their ability to withstand the intrusion of liquids, and secondly by their ability to withstand break-ins and vandalism. They can also be fitted with steel shutters which will make them virtually impenetrable.

2. Low maintenance

Another benefit of anti-vandal accommodation units is the minimal need for maintenance. They have skirting boards for ease of cleaning and have pre-finished plaster wallboard making it a lightweight working space for a portable office or perhaps a storage facility.

The units can stand up to adverse weather conditions, so you won’t find yourself spending money on repair bills. In addition to this, the units can be stacked on top of each other safely to maximise space. This is ideal for companies who want to conserve their work area which in turn helps to reduce budgets.

3. Totally durable

Anti-vandal accommodation units need to undergo a strict testing process, for example, to make sure that they can withstand exposure to fire for long periods. With arson a common form of vandalism it is imperative that these units can stand the test, and they do.

At FOC Sales & Hire, we offer some fantastic anti-vandal accommodation units to suit the requirements of your business. If you would like more information about these units and how they can be installed as well as what the right design would be, you can speak to one of the friendly team here. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how we can help in the future.